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It’s more common than you think if you feel something’s missing in your life. Perhaps you’re trying to effect a positive shift, but the more you “study up”, the more you feel the same.

Reading self-help books are inspirational but it takes more than reading to shift your experience of life. The all too common spiritual and inspirational photo meme quotes only temporarily inspire. If only that’s what it took.

Take heart. Each of us share a common experience. We human beings learn from agonizing stumbles, high five moments, and everything in between. As we grow we learn to take on more expansive beliefs, cultivate new patterns, create a higher intention, and embody a wider view.

Accessing true personal power is available to all. Living with greater awareness and in higher consciousness is not only for the chosen few, the seemingly most perfect, funky, famous, or most cerebral among us.

Keep telling yourself that you get to live a life that stretches you to grow and to live in more light. All it requires is you looking at your patterns, habits, and self-beliefs and realizing the power of your choices. That, and bringing in more lightheartedness, fun, and joy into your life.

You get to benefit from more meaning, greater ease and confidence, and to feel lighter and happier. There’s no better time than now to begin making new choices.


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The work I do, photography, painting, cooking, writing, and all the other parts of my life is a practice of letting go of trying to be perfect and to instead just enjoy what I create.