Understand what our experiences are teaching



My talk is for those who are interested in growth, and are considering looking to themselves to become more clear on their own vision, and to experience creating their ideas and dreams. 

The group comes together and creates an energy by learning at a practical level, not only from me, but from each other.

Present day challenges:  Many of us are bombarded daily with negativity.  We might be experiencing exhaustion, stress, boredom, disconnected relationships, work challenges, and world-view fears.  But we can take steps to open to considering a different perspective, a new way of thinking and being, to create what we desire.

Our desires for ourselves may include:   Just wanting to feel better, or to experience more clarity, learn how to practice self-kindness, uncover our purpose, enjoy more genuine relationships, deepen our spiritual connection, realize self-empowerment, even believe we can positively impact our communities, and our world. 

During the workshop, we -

  • Consider the impact of our choices
  • Share the steps, tools, habits, experiences we may want to consider
  • Discuss how to bring more lightheartedness into our lives
  • Learn how our own intuition guides us and open to what our experiences and feelings might be telling us
  • Look at our habits and recognize the ones that assist us, and the ones that limit us
  • Discuss the kinds of opportunities that can appear from making better choices
  • Consider our next steps
“...The audience was enthralled with Sara’s stories...”
— Tiffany D - Inspiration Hope Inc.

Workshops -

I'm available for half-, full-, and multiple-day workshops in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area.

“Sara has a natural ability to connect to people and has a very light and inviting presence. It is because of these qualities that she has been able to impact so many lives through her talks about her life journey.

Sara spoke and led an activity at a workshop I hosted for my group where we discussed the steps to change. She guided the participants through the idea of how limiting beliefs can present obstacles and delay progress when trying to make changes in our lives. As she masterfully weaved her personal experience into the activity, she created a safe space for the participants to share, in a way that not many other presenters can foster.

I consider Sara one of the most inspiring, warm, and influential people I know, and I am now happy to also consider her a friend.”
— Nikki Anarado - Refine Your Future