"Sara has a natural ability to connect to people and has a very light and inviting presence.  It is because of these qualities that she has been able to impact so many lives through her talks about her life journey.  She spoke and led an activity at a workshop I hosted for my group where we discussed the steps to change.  Sara guided the participants through the idea of how limiting beliefs can present obstacles and delay progress when trying to make changes in our lives.  As she masterfully weaved her personal experience into the activity, she created a safe space for the participants to share, in a way that not many other presenters can foster.  I consider Sara one of the most inspiring, warm, and influential people I know, and I am now happy to also consider her a friend." 

Nikki Anarado - Refine Your Future

"We at Inspirational Hope Inc. enjoyed having Sara present. The audience was enthralled with Sara's stories. She did well connecting with the audience. We would recommend Sara for your event and look forward to having her speak at one of our events again at a later date."

Tiffany D. - Inspiration Hope Inc.

"…Sara gave the morning talk and was very well received, even by some of the long timers, who can be a bit conservative in their ready acceptance of a new face.  I heard only complimentary feedback and people asking, “Where did she come from, and when can she return?”…I believe that she has a very special talent that is innately gifted to her…I see Sara touching many hearts and minds in exciting and meaningful ways…"

Reverend T. Dearmore – Unity Center of Peace