Present day challenges for many of us may include experiencing confusion, sadness, exhaustion, stress, boredom, disconnected relationships, work challenges, and world-view fears. 

It’s easy to be unaware of how much negativity we’re exposed to. A dose of negativity can come through social media, our social circle, definitely the news, and even from some of our entertainment choices.  And how we feel is directly tied to the experiences we’re creating.

Your desires to create something more beautiful are as individual as you are. You may want to learn how and what steps to take in order to create a brighter and much improved reality for yourself. 

Perhaps you’d like to feel more empowered and desire a more interesting life.  Other desires can show up as just wanting to feel better, or to experience more clarity around your experiences, learn how to practice self-kindness, uncover your purpose, discover meaningful work, enjoy more genuine relationships, deepen your spiritual connection, or open to and develop a relationship with your intuitive guidance.  Your possibilities are limitless.

You can learn how to set yourself up in the best possible circumstances in order to create better life experiences.

The good news is that creating is simple.  First of all, you’re already doing this. You’re always creating but may not think of it as such. Second, there's nothing you're missing in order to positively shift your life. It just takes simple steps that allow you to be in the best possible mindset and heart-space. This will allow for creating your highest possibilities rather than more not good, more meh. What’s fun and interesting is that you get to experience and determine what works best for you. You take your own experience as far and as deep as you desire.

What I teach

I teach the part upstream that shows you how to create a supportive and more positive environment for you to thrive in. Paying attention to what you take in and what you allow within your field. This is where your habits, self-beliefs, patterns, and experiences are considered. Mind/body/spirit complete with all the sub-parts. The next part I teach, once you’re feeling more strong, secure, and supported, is to consciously create from your highest intention. Above all else I teach about the need to lighten up by focusing on the interests and activities that excite you. What are the things you love to do? Because lightheartedness, joy, and having fun is the key, rather than study, or aspiring to perfection.

Finding your ideal balance that allows you to thrive begins by taking simple steps. 


In the meantime,