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As a speaker, I inspire those interested, to consider how to create a deeper, more connected, and positively joyful experience of being in life.

Sampling of Topics -


What kind of speaker am I?   I'm an ordinary gal that's grounded, and that people can relate to.  At this point, I prefer to speak to smaller groups, in an informal and relaxed setting.  I'm very human, often humorous, direct, and always genuine. 

Why you want to hire me.   First, you're interested in the subject matter.  This website will provide you with detailed subject matter information, and feel free to contact me with any questions.  Second, your audience will relate to me as I share information that I've learned, using examples from my own life.  When someone shares their own real-life experiences, it brings the information out of the realm of the seemingly impossible, to the realm of entirely possible.  I'm someone who was able to transform my life from the inside out.  My story is more about how I shifted myself and my life, through simple choices, creating new habits, thoughts, and self-beliefs.  

My intention is that when people leave they'll better understand the power of choice and be inspired to consider their choices.  They'll recognize the value of inviting more balance and joy into their day, begin to see their significance in the world, and be empowered to take their own steps to effect beneficial change that improves their life.

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    “…Sara gave the morning talk and was very well received, even by some of the long timers, who can be a bit conservative in their ready acceptance of a new face. I heard only complimentary feedback and people asking, “Where did she come from, and when can she return?”

    …I believe that she has a very special talent that is innately gifted to her…I see Sara touching many hearts and minds in exciting and meaningful ways…”
    — Reverend T. Dearmore – Unity Center of Peace