I'm Sara Doolittle and I inspire creating a deeper, more connected, and positively joyful experience of being in life.  Please consider me as a speaker or to lead a workshop for your group.


Learn new ways to work through challengeS    /    get "unstuck"

OPEN TO INTUITIVE GUIDANCE  /  profit from lightheartedness

spend more time doing what you love




Our personal choices, practices, thoughts and actions, inform how we experience our life, and our world.  We ourselves, create what is.

Enlightenment, higher consciousness, personal transformation, and spiritual growth, are not lofty concepts reserved for the few, but instead what we're all already in the midst of experiencing.

It's never too late to create and experience our intention.


The experiential workshop is for those who are ready to step up to make deep and lasting changes in their lives, and in the world, starting with looking to themselves. 

There's no better time in our world to consider a different perspective about how to take action around one's intentions. 

Everyone in the workshop learns at a practical level, not only from me, but also from each other. 


          MEET SARA


My passion is knowing that as we open, grow, and expand our own awareness, the world shifts for the better as well.  My intention is to connect and collaborate with others as we evolve in our learning around how to transform, to create more peace, love, and joy, for ourselves and our world.

We all share one common truth, and that is, our patterns and beliefs inform the life and world we create.  My core belief is, if we want to create a better life for ourselves, and a better world, it requires us to look at how we ourselves are being.  There's no shortcut, it requires taking steps forward, but the steps are interesting, often fun, challenging in a good way, and always have our best interests at heart.  And it's this action that brings about change that sticks.  We can read inspiring books, take interesting workshops and classes, listen to popular speakers and leaders.  However, in addition to feeling inspired, we have our own roles to step into.  Inspiration is wonderful.  It's even better when we act on it.

A necessary step in the big picture is that it's time for humanity to lighten up.  It seems preposterous to say that in light of our current world events.  However, it's impossible to create positivity, connection, fulfilling work, strong relationships, joy, peace, and love, and especially trust and collaboration, when we're feeling fear, exhaustion, confusion, disillusionment, and hopelessness.  We can affect our own lives, and even in our lifetime, to create a more humane world.

A direct path to our vision, is for us to shift away from the pull of what brings us down and, instead, embrace what brings us love, joy, peace, and lightheartedness.
Everyone's state-of-mind, our "beingness", is incredibly important to all of humanity.  It's our higher emotions and good feelings that contribute so beautifully to not only our own lives, but also to the world.  That's how important each of us is.

There are a lot of us out there talking about how to live with more awareness, expand our view, heal and move forward, open, practice self-kindness, consider taking on our part to realize more joy and love.  Each one of us is unique, and each of us will appeal to, and resonate with, different people.  Whether you choose me, or someone else for your next speaker or workshop leader, I wish you all the best. 

With much appreciation,