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discover purpose    /   Deepen spiritual connection    /    POSITIVELY IMPACT THE WORLD        

LIVE WITH MORE AWARENESS /  practice self-kindness /  experience greater fulfillment


As a speaker, I inspire those interested, to consider how to create a deeper, more connected, and positively joyful experience of being in life.

My talk is for those who are interested in growth, and want to be inspired to take action, by taking on the work of looking at themselves and experience change from there. 


  • What It Took...
  • Our Many Invitations to Enjoy
  • No News is Good News, & Other Transformative Habits
  • Celebrating Our Beautiful Humanity
  • Listening to Our Murmurations
  • Seeing the Gift in What Scares Us

A sampling of what the various topics offer

  • Viewing life and the world with greater perspective
  • Living with more balance and joy and how to maintain balance amidst life's challenges
  • Taking action to feel better about ourselves, others and the world
  • Allowing for intuitive assistance and the best possibilities
  • Embracing who we are and where we are on our path
  • Seeing how living with greater awareness benefits oneself and the world
  • Understanding we can't really make a mistake
  • Deepening our experience of ourselves
  • Uncovering our purpose
  • Opening to a beautiful connection with all that is

Possible considerations attendees may take away

  • Understanding the impact of our choices
  • Developing intention and focus
  • Creating new habits to bring inner contentment and more joy to one's life
  • Opening to consciously partner with one's divine guidance
  • Preparing oneself for what might show up as one creates change
  • Realizing the simplicity of one's inner work
  • Learning to recognize who are teachers are
  • Awareness that higher consciousness, spiritual growth, living with more awareness, doesn't require enormous study or one's wallet
  • There are no rules

What kind of speaker am I?   I'm grounded and very relatable.  I walk my talk as much as possible.  And I share examples of what shows up when I don't walk my talk.  Because, just like anyone, my life is not all blue skies all the time, and I share what I'm learning from my perceived stumbles and successes. Whatever I feel is best to share in any moment will be real.  My hope is that people walk away feeling lighter, recognizing the value of incorporating more joy into their day, understand their significance in the world, and start taking their own steps to affect lasting change in their lives. 

    My upcoming and recent speaking events

    Check the events page to see a list.

    “…Sara gave the morning talk and was very well received, even by some of the long timers, who can be a bit conservative in their ready acceptance of a new face. I heard only complimentary feedback and people asking, “Where did she come from, and when can she return?”

    …I believe that she has a very special talent that is innately gifted to her…I see Sara touching many hearts and minds in exciting and meaningful ways…”
    — Reverend T. Dearmore – Unity Center of Peace