Consider Sara Doolittle as a speaker or to lead a workshop for your group. 

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Our personal choices, habits, thoughts and actions, inform how we experience our life, and our world.  We ourselves, create what is.

Enlightenment, higher consciousness, personal transformation, and spiritual growth, are not lofty concepts reserved for the few, but instead what we're all already in the midst of experiencing.

It's never too late to create and experience our intention.


The experiential workshop is for those who are ready to step up to make deep and lasting changes in their lives, and in the world, starting with looking to themselves. 

There's no better time in our world to consider a different perspective about how to take action around one's intentions. 

Everyone in the workshop learns at a practical level, not only from me, but also from each other. 


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My passion is knowing that as we open, grow, and expand our own awareness, the world shifts for the better as well.  My intention is to connect and collaborate with others as we evolve in our learning around how to transform to create more peace, love, and joy, for ourselves and our world.

I never would have guessed that one day I'd instead be speaking about the human spirit.  But when I was partially ready, I leapt out of my long-term corporate career, albeit a bit clunky, and here I am.  Well not exactly, it still took years to come out of hiding and to act on my intention.  How I got here is fascinating, but I digress. 

Why am I pursuing my intention, now of all times, when I could be kicking back while sitting under an oak tree?

We all share one common truth, and that is, our patterns and beliefs inform the life and world we create.  My core belief is, if we want to create a better life for ourselves, and a better world, it requires us to look at how we ourselves are being.  So I'm pursuing this path because it's important to me, because it stretches me, and my experiences are teaching me what I came here to learn.  We all have a choice.  And when we're ready we act on the choice to look inside of ourselves, to grow, and to collaborate. 

There's absolutely no better time in the world than now, for us to feel better, to experience more clarity, learn how to practice self-kindness, allow ourselves to do the work we love, enjoy better relationships, deepen our connections, and realize we can positively impact our world.  Our desires are as unique as we are. 

Life felt pretty scripted to me.  Sheep comes to mind.  I went from plodding along, checking off the same boxes of life that many others were checking off, to opening to a new perspective and experiencing the world differently.

Initially, I looked everywhere but at myself.  The more bright and shiny the better.  There were both humorous and empty moments, as I found temporary band-aids for long-ago experiences. Taking all things shiny out to leave at the curb, I shifted my attention back to looking at my beliefs, patterns and choices, and started taking action from there. 

It takes work to bring about change that sticks, and there is no book, guru, class, or workshop that can give us that.  We still have to do the work of looking to ourselves for significant change.  And, in addition to our inner work, it takes really enjoying ourselves, to bring about the kind of life we desire and more. 

We can open to an extension of ourselves that's unconditionally loving and supportive.  After peeking around the corner at my intuitive guidance for a long time, I'm now aware of the many unique ways my divinely awesome assistance comes through for me and what it's teaching me. 

The way I see it, we're all connected in spirit, to each other and to that we can not so much see.  We all contribute to humanity.  A more direct path to create our hope and vision, is to shift away from the pull of the constant bombardment of negativity, and instead, focus on and nurture ourselves.  It serves no good purpose to hate the haters, or name call the name-callers.  When we embrace what brings us love, joy, peace, and lightheartedness, it's those higher emotions and good feelings that contribute so beautifully to the world. 

I'm not walking around with a sandwich board shouting the benefits of looking to ourselves and how we can take action from there.  However, I openly share my experiences because it's a great story, and I'm the epitome of it's never too late

We can learn how to create our best vision.  There's no shortcut.  We have to look and take action from there. 

In the spirit of learning, practicing and growing, we can benefit from openly sharing with each other, while appreciating our similar and vastly different experiences.