When Are We Being Spiritual?

When I first opened to learning about spirituality I threw myself into the study of it and dedicated time to do spiritual things.  And as I did, I hoped and believed I might become more spiritual.

There were times when I thought I was “being spiritual”, and times I thought I was not.  For example, when at the office I never would have thought I was being spiritual.  However, while meditating or doing yoga I thought I was.  I created labeled compartments and moved in and out of them throughout the day.  Now it’s a spiritual time.  And then I’d cycle through what I thought were my spiritual practices such as meditating, journaling, doing yoga, reading inspirational newsletters.  

Practicing Mindfulness on Vacation

I'm writing this post while on vacation up at our family cabin.  A little place and beautiful spot that's been in our family for over 60 years.  My husband and I share ownership with my sister and brother-in-law.  Our parents had it built in the 1950s and we've spent entire summers here as kids, and had our summer jobs near to here.  It was a place I learned to love nature, water, boating, trees, reading and developed a love for solitude.

"There Must Be More to You..."

The following paragraph is from one of my favorite books.

“...spiritual growth is learning to make your life work in every area, from your relationships to your career, as you put your spiritual light into everything you do, bring awareness and love to all your activities, and turn every experience into an opportunity for growth, you are being your higher self.” 

Years ago I hadn't learned how much action, the steps, that growth takes.  I didn't know that it takes work, awareness, looking at me and my patterns, habits, and experiences.  Instead, when I initially started opening to new ideas I was mostly just a sponge, watching others, and studying to be more like them.

I thought I only had to soak up information from reading, attending classes/workshops, and listening to spiritual leaders and then I'd have awesome mystical experiences that would knock my socks off, and result in a deeper experience of life and myself. 

Winter nesting habits, fleece clothing, and fear

Right now my focus seems to be on baking pies, painting, and lazing around in my wonderful fleece lined yoga pants and faux fur slippers.   These yoga pants and slippers own me and I'm great with that.  I'll take them off in April. 

Lounging around until whenever-ish, is pretty terrific.  It's downright nurturing to just be.   However, I'm slacking around creating my ideas....

5 Things I'm Doing For Myself

1- Use only the most helpful and positive technology.  Last month I downloaded the Insight Timer, an app for meditation.  It’s become very important to me that I do some group meditations now and again.  Through the Insight Timer app, I joined a Global Meditation Group that periodically meditates for planetary peace and well-being.  Plus I’ve created a few...

It's a Good Time in Our World Now

It's a good time.

People, particularly women these days, are feeling empowered to speak up for themselves.  To be seen as equals.  To see ourselves as worthy, to settle for nothing less.  To feel empowered to speak up when we are mistreated and disrespected, by any degree.  However a movement begins, whatever grim set of circumstances started it, will never overshadow the powerful results.  Everyone involved, from those watching, to the harmed, to even the ones that did the harming, are moving mankind forward.  But it will require focus and intention, not to fall back into the role of being marginalized, and looking the other way out of fear, or feelings of unworthiness...

WE ALL CONTRIBUTE One Thought at a Time

In spite of all the tragedies, natural disasters, polarization, political controversies, including corporate, political, and personal abuse, I still believe each of us everyday, seemingly ordinary human beings, are bringing about more peace, love, and light, in the world.

I don't own a major company, and most people don't even know I'm on the planet, but I feel I'm doing my part.  I certainly didn't wow the educational system or set the corporate world on fire, but in my own way I know I'm contributing.  I have a...

Habits that Create the Best Possibilities

Here are some things I practice to be aware of.  We all have our own ways to be at our best and attract our best possibilities and these may or may not work for you.  It's whatever supports you and empowers you.  For me, with so many experiences that I'm having just about every day now, it's helpful to remember and practice whatever feels right at the time.  It's pretty ordinary yet offering a beautiful shift in my day....

Aligning With Our Purpose - It Isn't Possible... make a mistake.  All it takes is a dance.  To realize our dreams takes perseverance, action, letting go of total control, and experiencing joy.  It isn't an intimidating dance, just a series of steps.  When I dance I have some unique moves, especially when driving.  In the car I sing and dance and only hold back when I pull up to traffic lights.

My desire is to take those joyful feelings when I dance and sing in my car, and to also feel them in everything I do.  And, from what I've experienced, aligning with our purpose takes a good amount of lightheartedness.  We create our best expression of ourselves by aligning with that which brings us joy...


When I share with people that I give talks, I also share that I'm nervous about public speaking.  Totally TMI right?  However, even Adele tells people she's scared when she sings to crowds, sometimes she tells the crowds just before she begins another song.  "I love you but you really really scare me", is what I remember she said. 

My Work and Putting Myself Out There

I’m stalling.  I have so many ideas and yet I take no action because it involves me creating the opportunities and that’s unfamiliar territory.  My entire adult life, until a couple of years ago, I’ve had a Corporate career.   I followed all the rules for putting myself out there, according to the mainstream Corporate rules...

Where I Am with this Blog

More often than not with this blog, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’ve been waiting to write more blog entries when things are more perfect to share.   And that’s why I haven’t blogged more. I started to feel that I shouldn’t share the times when I stumble.  But what I’m realizing as I live more consciously, and open to my spirituality, is that I don’t have to be perfect.  I don’t have to get everything right, especially as I’m just becoming aware of it.  And, please understand, that I’m not trying to convince you or anyone else of anything.  Sometimes I worry that you might think I’m lecturing.  I’m not.  I’m truly not doing this for you, it’s for me...

Thank You

As you can probably guess from the photo, I’ve been writing a lot of thank you notes lately.  I love thanking people, especially through a handwritten note.  However, the following sentiments I can't just drop in the mail so I'm sending it out to the Universe right here.

I’m grateful for my divine guidance, all the people who have no idea they've been my teachers, those I purposely reached out to for assistance and received great coaching, weirdly wonderful coincidences, and the gazillion served experiences I'm learning from.  And to myself for releasing all of the limiting behaviors and beliefs I once held, or I wouldn’t have allowed for this to be…and most of all, to my kind and patient soulmate.

Negative Nellies

Most people I see socially are usually positive.  I cleared out the negative Nellies and opened up space for people who are more conscious about themselves.  But there's more to do.  Even if the encounter is temporary as in a class or other group setting, if it's negative, I need to rethink whether I want to spend any more time with these folks...

Museum of Inspiration and Humanity

For a while now I’ve been wanting to offer people a positive way of honoring humanity.  I thought about creating a Museum.  A museum unlike any other that I've been to.  It will not tell the stories of the world's greatest atrocities. Instead it will only exhibit stories of love...

Thoughts and Words

Before, I never would have thought twice about my words and even less about my thoughts.  I was amusing and clever or so I thought. These days I’m practicing being very aware of what I’m thinking and speaking. People are everywhere and there are opportunities all day long for a running commentary on all of them. There’s the woman driving too slowly because she’s on her cell, the man taking FOREVER at the bank teller window, a new neighbor, a manager at work, the guy who cut me off on the highway...