We're All In This Together

diff folks

I've said this a million times, each of us is unique.  We grew up differently, look different from each other, sound different, dress differently, have totally different life experiences.  Our lives might look as though we're on completely opposite ends of the spectrum.  Still, we're all here and we're all in this together.  Every single one of us has a heart that at times is bursting with love or feels utterly broken or something in-between.  Each of us, at some point, want something better for ourselves.  "More" can be everything from better health, more money, healthier relationships, fulfilling work, joy, love, or an end to struggle.

As I put myself out in the world and look to create possibilities with others I'm very aware of our mutual evaluations and assumptions about each other.  But we only know ourselves.  We can't possibly know what someone else's truth is.  Sometimes we go overboard on keeping others out for very little reason or based on our own assumptions we created by seeing through our own experiences. 

I just spent three days with someone who I've been friends with since we were three years old.  We couldn't be more different when it comes to our personal habits, beliefs, interests, and how we approach life and interact with the world.  And yet, through all these years, we've managed to have a relationship that's lasted, we've enjoyed and benefited from.  From her I'm learning about accepting others as they are, and how to not worry so much about what others think of me.  Perhaps she's learning some things from me...or not.  It isn't for me to know.

The way I experience life is that we're all in this together.  It may look like we're too different from each other to find common ground.  But that kind of thinking prevents the possibility of a beneficial connection.  And anyway, we always share similar basic needs and heartfelt desires...either in the midst of enormous struggle or, when things just aren't sitting right or, if we live joyful, creative lives.  Some of what we evaluate each other on doesn't really matter.  It doesn't really matter what our back story is but rather, what we've done in spite of it, and learned from it.  Wouldn't it be great to focus on cooperating and creating together?  To learn from each other.  To release our quick to surface dismissive thoughts and, instead, open to possibilities.  There's no better time in the world for this than now.