When I share with people that I give talks, I also share that I'm nervous about public speaking.  Totally TMI right?  However, even Adele tells people she's scared when she sings to crowds, sometimes she tells the crowds just before she begins another song.  "I love you but you really really scare me", is what I remember she said.

But I'm not Adele.  Publicly saying I'm nervous, especially while delivering my 30-second elevator speech, isn't a winning strategy for attracting people to hire me.  You'd never know, at one time, I used to work in advertising.

I have other Copperhead snakes.  Because we have a lot of them on our property, I wear my gardening boots to prevent a problem.  Eazy peazy.   But...being seen by ooodles of people?   Dealing with that fear is not so eazy peazy.   Everyone knows that many people are nervous about public speaking.   And that factoid doesn't mean that particular fear isn't something for me to look at.  For me, it's about how I feel about myself.   That I am not enough and I'm afraid you'll see that too Way more challenging than dealing with the occasional Copperhead on our property.   

Fortunately, over the years, I looked at what's behind I'm not enough.  I learned to be more aware of what I'm thinking about myself as well as the words and thoughts I choose around self-talk.  Over the years, I released many negative beliefs about myself, replacing them with way healthier ones.  But never skipping the valuable, but sometimes highly uncomfortable step, of looking inside of me to understand where all that came from, how it started, and why I kept believing it.  The more I understand, the more I let go of one limiting belief at a time.  If I do say so, the result is totally worth it.

When fear shows up for us it might be because we're stepping up to bigger opportunities and allowing ourselves to be stretched.  However, it's all for our best.  What to do when fear does show up?...  keep looking at what's behind it until you're so aware of the why that the limiting beliefs start to disappear.