Against the Odds - Me & the Bosun's Chair

This blog post was for this week's WordPress Photo Challenge.  I have identical blogs, one on Squarespace and one on WordPress.  Anyway, the assignment was to include a photo of something that conveys the sentiment against all odds...see link within the blog post.

Bosun's Chair -

Our halyard...the line at the top of our sailboat mast was stuck.  One of us needed to be hoisted up, alongside the mast, in the bosun's chair to determine the problem and fix it.  "Boaty" was I and very comfortable on the water.  Grew up on boats, power boats from a wooden mahogany/cherry antique boat, to a fiberglass one, and a little Sunfish sailboat.  However, I was just learning how to sail on larger sailboats.  And this is a subject for another blog post that I've been putting off...sailors...jeeesh.  

Anyway, back to my thighs, I mean the bosun's chair.  This is the against the odds see I was nominated as the person most likely to be easily hoisted up the mast to snap a few photos and bring them back to my not yet husband so he could figure out what the problem was.  Or, better yet, while I'm up there, fix the problem.  Yeah right.  So we were still dating then, not yet married, and he was so concerned for my safety and a bit nervous (this I didn't pick up on) that when I was ready to come on back down, he forgot to release the clutch that holds the line in place...meaning unable to bring me down and he didn't know why.   Now he thinks the bosun's chair is stuck.  So he sends up another line, on another winch (I sure hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about) for me to clip into on the chair so he can bring me down on that line.  Oi. We politely and calmly shout our conversation to each other since we're not near to each other and we need to hear these important instructions and responses.  This means I have to first clip into the new line and un-clip from the other one...never mind, just know it was dangerous if you're me and do it in the wrong order.  And totally unnecessary of course but we don't know this yet.  I clip, un-clip, and all that. 

A nice person swims over from another sailboat near to us.  "Is everything ok?"he asked.  My husband, a bad ass sailor, used to race and can fix an engine or any mechanical problem like nobody's business so of course says, "Thanks, everything's fine" as the bosun's chair is now digging into the underside of my thighs.  I wave happily to the nice person.  Yup the @#!&* chair experience is wearing on me now but I'm in love and life is good.  I wave confidently to show no worries here!  Soonish, against all odds, I return to lower altitudes and my not yet husband admits he realized he forgot to release the clutch...oops I guess I was a bit nervous having you up there, he says.  He gets big points for telling me he was so nervous and forgot to do something kinda basic.  You see why I married this man?  The circulation returns to my legs and we settle down to cook and watch the stars before heading back the next day. 

As I'm writing this he comes into my office to show me a bluebird box he just made.  God I love this man.