Trying to Resist Vulnerability

I sometimes hold back to do something that stretches me because I feel vulnerable.  Instead I may choose to run an errand or even write a <this> blog post.  However, I literally feel myself being assisted and encouraged.  My guidance is so patient and gratefully, it’s also persistent.  Get out there.  Be bold.

When I place myself in a vulnerable position I feel both excited and uncomfortable.  I don’t know about you but being vulnerable is not something I learned to be good at.  Certainly not when I worked in the corporate world.  I didn’t get to practice feeling ok with vulnerability all that much.  Can you imagine my quarterly review…Sara, I’d like to see just a little more vulnerability from you in our weekly team meetings.  LOL as we used to say.  But I'm becoming aware that the gift of vulnerability offers.  And my vulnerability complements me if I let it.  It’s me.  It’s in my story, it shows up as I allow myself to be seen…it’s the parts of me that are kind, caring, thoughtful, compassionate, also awkward, unsure and afraid. 

I say it's a good thing if we can resist vulnerability less and pursue our ideas and dreams, vulnerability and all.