Life isn't a marathon - Observe a child

Observe a child -

It’s an honor to be in the presence of a child.  Children have the most free spirits and unbridled joy.  They can swing to tears in a mere second, but in the next moment they’ve moved on.  They put their happiness out there, totally enjoy the moment and don’t care how their happiness pours out of them.  They skip, jump, and say really cute stuff.  I notice they don’t self-edit. If a child wrote this blog post, the post might say something like…had fun yesterday!, went bowling, ate fun food, spent time with my Aunt and Uncle, bowled, held my Aunt’s hand, did I tell you I went bowling?, colored on my place mat, I really like to bowl.  

I’m taking my cues from kids.  There’s no class, workshop, book or leader that can teach happiness as well as a child can.  I’ve been running a marathon to be at ease, be myself, cultivate joy, and create what I came here to create.  But there’s an undercurrent of seriousness I’m trying to shake off because it’s not helping.  It’s all good.  Whatever, right?!

So here’s my blog post for today…Yesterday was a really great day, I went bowling with family, wore my STRIKE bowling socks that AOL gave me during one of our many team building events…before they laid me off, anyway...the socks and I came in last but I had lots of fun anyway, we went to a restaurant that looked like a beach hut, I ordered tater tots and soup, borrowed a crayon and colored a little on the place mat next to me, held my great nephew’s hand, I’m in awe of him and his brother, drove home, wanted to go to an art gallery reception but instead wrote a (serious) blog post on friendship, really wish I’d gone to the art gallery reception, I love meeting artists, so I’m going to the next art gallery reception no matter what, woke up early today and I’m writing this blog post, going to go out for lunch for a crepe even though it’s not gluten free and sit on the city dock and look at the water and eat my crepe, take photographs, go for a walk, and maybe paint, maybe fill out the lawyer’s form to do our will, really hope I paint instead of filling out the form, put the date for the next art gallery reception on my calendar, did I tell you I love art galleries?!