Funny, just a few days after my recent success, I do a small face plant. 

throwing cold water-saradoolittle.com

I did ask for more experiences where I could practice and I received it quickly.  And it is a practice.  A practice of looking at myself.  Sparing the small drama which is of no importance, I’ll just say there was no unconditional love or seeing as clear as I would like.  This is a different relationship, also with years of history.  Lots of recurring behaviors that will keep recurring until we both shift or at least one of us does.  I really wanted to ace this but I can’t use just logic to get there.  I think of my stuff as buried treasure inside me.  When I find it and become clearer about it I can release what I can.  And I uncover more of myself each time I release something I’m ready to let go of.  When I experience myself differently than I do now, I know this relationship will change too.  In the meantime, I’ll be asking my divine intuition for assistance in finding more of my buried treasure.