Wherever I Am

Where I feel most safe and most me.  When I find it I exhale and smile.  It’s when I’m walking in the woods.  Sometimes it’s up at our cabin where I can spend endless hours watching sunsets, boats and ships and my beloved blue herons fly by.


It’s in my home office where I can write, meditate, and paint.  Or, in our backyard sitting on our bench at the edge of the ravine. Most mornings it’s listening to music as I stretch through a few yoga poses.  I’ve found it on vacation in little places here and there.  Noticing the way a sunbeam lights up a stairway and gate to what I imagine is a path to something wonderful.  For many years, I found it on a Gulf of Mexico beach walking along the water’s edge admiring gulls and sandpipers and the occasional dolphins swimming by.  Reading and napping to the sound of the waves softly rolling up on the beach.  And even longer ago, for many years, it was skiing to the feeling of pure joy and seeing nature’s beauty in the snow covered trees.  It’s especially at the end of the day as I fall asleep to protective arms holding me.  My sanctuary is wherever I am.  There’s no conversation.  There’s just my thoughts that I’m learning to gently shoo away so I can enjoy being wherever…