What Spirituality Means to Me

As I’ve said before spirituality takes on so many different meanings to so many.  It feels right to me that spirituality takes on a personal and unique meaning for everyone.  What it means to me may not jive with someone else.  I’ve often heard ‘it’s about the journey’ and I’m all in on that sentiment, however airy it sounds.  The journey, or my walk, is everywhere and all day long.  We’re in the middle of a kitchen project.  Yesterday as my husband was perched on the side of the bathtub washing dishes and I was sitting on top of the toilet cover ready with my dish towel to dry, I was experiencing a wonderful moment between us…over dirty dishes while sitting on a toilet cover.  And all the work my husband is doing using his own hands to renovate our house is fun for him.  These might be his moments but they become some of my moments too because I love seeing him feel good. 

kitchen renovation-saradoolittle.com

Our back porch looks like a volcano of gray ash exploded and I still couldn’t be happier.  Watering our new trees and shrubs, and enjoying how well everything is growing, offers me another moment.  And, yesterday, I went on my favorite hiking trail and had a glimpse of white tail deer running through a glade.  Waking up most mornings without even trying to be grateful and joyful, because it just happens now.  To me, everyone is a spiritual being, regardless of how they’re behaving.  I’m conscious of many, many moments, on a daily basis, that I would define as spiritual and these moments aren’t just around being “good”.  Being a spiritual being is constant.  There’s no on or off time, depending on what I’m doing or whether I’m at my best or not so much at my best.  What’s nice is that because of becoming more conscious of my thoughts, actions and who and what I surround myself with, more and more of my life feels good.  Lucky me right?  No, I worked my bum off to get to this place and it’s so worth it that I’m still at it.  Not being provocative here but…it’s all about me, valuing and taking care of myself.  I don’t get spun up and outraged about the news and the state of our world.  A negative and complaining state of mind doesn’t help me and just perpetuates more negativity and feelings of hopelessness.  Therefore, I could care less about what a weird political candidate is saying.  I don’t spend a lot of time wringing my hands over the latest current event.  Instead, I care more about what are my thoughts, words, habits, and actions I’m taking.  That’s one way to make a positive contribution.  As my view of myself changes, my world view shifts.  And inspiration appears.  If I look around, past negativity, I can see many positive shifts in the world.  My personal version of spirituality has nothing to do with religion.  It’s not about what someone said or taught thousands of years ago.  It’s not about being a saint.  Nor is it me sitting or standing in a wanna be sacred building and repeating what someone else suggests I should say or think.  The way I see it, is that I’m unique, so shouldn’t my own spiritual experience be unique?   To me, it’s what I choose to put out to the world and everything I create and experience on my own walk through this lifetime.