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Not too long after I started this blog I wrote a post titled No News Is Good News.  Until recently, I successfully let go of a long-standing habit of being wrapped up in the news.  I had let it inform my disposition, thoughts, beliefs, and my emotions.  Letting it disappear from my day allowed me more opportunities for hope and inspiration.  Family news, news about musicians coming to my town, friend’s news, inspiring news… that’s the news I choose to keep in my life.  But for a few weeks I’ve been ramping up my time watching all things election.  Before I knew it, a minute here or there became watching part of a news show, then an entire news show, a debate and watching the election “experts” post-show summaries.  Last night after hearing endless reasons why the person I already know I don’t want elected to office, should not be elected to office, I was done.  Watching and commenting on someone’s bad behavior is just as appalling as the bad behavior being discussed.  Calling anyone names, even calling the name caller a name, isn’t helping.  I don’t need to listen to endless reasons not to vote for who I don’t want to vote for.  How much poop does anyone really need to know?  Just vote.  Don’t trash.  Don’t run down someone.  Just vote.  But don’t expect miracles.  Let’s look at the bigger picture.  Doesn’t big change and miracles get created by each of us?  Last night as I walked away from the talking heads running down various characters, I said over my shoulder to the nice person I left on the couch, that to me, the bigger picture is who we are.   How do we want to conduct ourselves?  How do we want to feel?  If we practice living from a higher perspective won’t most of the issues covered by the news disappear?  That’s my belief.  Given the current election, and it may seem cavalier to ask this, but will electing a President of our country solve what we’re truly looking to experience for ourselves?  And not just for our country but for our world?  All of mankind?  As far as I can tell, if we want to experience a huge shift in our neighborhood or the world, it’s up to each of us.  There’s no religious deity (living or dead), no candidate or person in power, no guru…that can take us where we’re capable of going.  We’re creating what is and what could be.  It’s us.