The Power of Cultivating Joy

Joy is the key that unlocks my creativity.  When I’m joyful, I feel creative, new ideas are born and I feel empowered to step up to act on them…however uncomfortable the stretch for me is.

Joy unlocks creativity

Though joy can be elusive.  It takes a bit of focus to cultivate it.  Being sure I’m doing what it is I love doing, as much as possible.  In my case, I like lots and lots of time with just me.  When I feel joy I also feel more connected to my intuition.  I love feeling connected to what is always present, supportive, and guides me to stretch myself to become more me.  And oh do I ever need my intuition when it comes to moving forward with my talks.  For my joy this morning, I head off to the gym, then I head back home to create topics for a conversation group.  There’s one unjoyful task today in that we have to take Alberta to the recycling center.  Alberta was an Alberta Spruce that we over watered, as was evident when we dug up the roots.  After that I’ll make time to start a new painting, based on the photo below.  I’m learning about composition and I’m not too sure about where to place the building on the canvas.  Perhaps not smack in the middle as in the photo?   Still learning about how to make a painting captivating. Two women, very different artists, are owners of a gallery we went to a couple of weeks ago.  While their work is very different from each other we loved all of their pieces.  I shared that I have to paint from a photo but I’d love to be so inspired to have an idea and start a painting my idea rather than a rendering of a photo.  One of the women offered me great advice.  She suggested I look at the photo I want to paint, put it away, and just start painting what I feel.  It may not end up looking like the photo because I may want to add different colors, objects or whatever else I feel at the time.  I am so trying her very cool advice and using my intuition too boot.  Let’s see what happens.