That Tingly Shiver Feeling

Taking advantage of today’s one-word challenge prompt from WordPress… Shiver

Universe -

The word shiver reminds me of my divine connection.  There’s a part of me that shirks from using the word divine.  Us non-religious types, or at least this non-religious type, struggles with what words to use to describe the connection I feel.  I do know this…it assists me, guides me, encourages me to lighten up, sends me experiences I can learn from, and unconditionally loves me.  My higher self?  Guides or angels?  God?  All of the above?  Whatever it is I sometimes feel it physically.  I feel it when I have a significant thought or pay attention to a thought I just had, or when a special moment happens, or there’s a nice connection with someone I just met.  It happened this morning as my husband was leaving the house after we said goodbye.  A simple, common, seemingly insignificant moment.  As he locked the door behind him, it hit me how incredible it is that he’s even in my life and that I’m also standing in our home waving goodbye to my husband.  How did this all happen?!  A few years ago I was unhappy in my relationships, my career, and very underwhelmed by other human beings, and life in general.  So in this seemingly insignificant moment, saying goodbye as my husband left to run an errand, I felt the good shiver.  I was reminded of how much has happened, all the things I’ve experienced and learned, to get to wherever I am now.  It’s a strong tingly feeling that sometimes brings confirmation, often a feeling of connection, and sometimes emotion.  Then it’s gone.  This time I took advantage of being alone in the house and spoke out loud about how fortunate I felt and also how fortunate that I could share the moment with…whatever keeps me company and supports me in this lifetime.  And then I went back to doing whatever I was doing before my shiver worthy moment.