We moved into our house a few months ago, and while it’s a very positive change, I still felt a bit off.  My usual habits were no more. I was used to walking through a nature center near to where I lived.  I’d spend time on my favorite benches watching the deer and other wildlife and I looked forward to and truly loved my walks.  My gym was nearby and I’d take the best cycling classes with instructors that happened to play great music.  I had my art classes to go to and a friend or two to meet for dinner.  My meetup met at my home.  I loved my view of the wooded lake I lived on. 

I do feel I eeked out every drop of the area I lived in, taking advantage of everything it offered.  It was all nice but it was time to start a new phase in my life.  I married, we sold our homes and bought a unique home together.  I can hardly believe all that has happened over these past few years.  So much is coming my way it’s a bit mind blowing when I pause to review.  Anyway, I now live here and what could be better than this incredible home with all it’s windows looking at my favorite view of trees, many, many, trees.  We see fox, all sorts of woodpeckers and many other birds, once in a while deer.  No longer blue herons and geese that frequented the lake I lived on, but we can always see them on the Bay. 

After taking my time settling in, I’m finally enjoying this now as our home, instead of feeling like I’m living in the house of the people that used to live here.  For weeks, I couldn’t shake the feelings I had of how much they had loved this home and how difficult it was for them to leave.  From replacing their mailbox to many other changes, I felt weird every time we made a change.  I finally wrote the previous owners a note, mainly feeling a connection to the woman.  I told them how grateful we were they sold us the home (they had a choice) and how much it means to us.  She wrote back a lovely note that I keep on my desk.  I feel she needed to know how much we love this place and that they had made a good choice in selling to us.

Now I’m enjoying my “special room” I call it…that is my small beautiful studio/office/yoga/mediation/whatever I love doing room.  When I lie on my yoga mat, I look up at a skylight with a white clay bird we hung up there and can see the clouds going by.  On a bookcase my husband built I keep feathers, stones, acorns, shells, crystals, an old bird nest, deer antlers…whatever I’ve collected on my walks over the years.  There’s always a painting I’m noodling with.  And I started walking through the woods behind our house that feels especially special.  We live next to a wooded ravine and a small path winds up behind the house, around the ravine, and into a glade of sorts.  Trees, trees, trees.  And driving around we found a biking/hiking trail just 10 minutes away that is amazing to walk. 

Between the walking and the gym I joined, I’m feeling more balanced about things.  My hips and knees had really started to hurt after we moved in and partly I think because I wasn’t exercising or giving myself the outdoors that I love.  Whatever, the reason, now the pain is almost completely gone.  We live in this home now, and we’ll take care of it and love it, until it’s someone else's turn.  And no matter what, to re-balance, I’ll always need to spend time outdoors, walking, on our little sailboat, at our cabin, or just sitting looking at trees.