Evening Yoga Is Back In Reverence

Music and yoga set the tone - SaraDoolittle.com

While I usually always make time for yoga every morning I’ve not been doing this in the evening before bed.  But some nice stretches always relax me and set a nice tone before sleeping.  So tonight I’m doing just that, resurrecting this good habit again.  After walking around all day, by night time I’m way more limber than the mornings and can even touch my toes down behind my head for a nice stretch.  I feel like quite the yoga meister.  So I set my Pandora to a favorite station to wind down from the fun of the day.  No James Brown for night time.  This morning through Pandora, I discovered the song, In Reverence, by David Tolk, a strings and piano piece and I immediately bought it on iTunes. It’s only four minutes or so…way too short for such a beautiful piece.  Tonight I’m playing it over and over and over wishing it never ends.  This is the song I hope I hear in my head when I wake up.  That’s a request to my divine support as I sometimes wake up with the gift of a song in my head.  I’m playing it just one more time and then heading off to bed.