Where I Am with this Blog

More often than not with this blog, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I’ve been waiting to write more blog entries when things are more perfect to share.   And that’s why I haven’t blogged more. I started to feel that I shouldn’t share the times when I stumble.  But what I’m realizing as I live more consciously, and open to my spirituality, is that I don’t have to be perfect.  I don’t have to get everything right, especially as I’m just becoming aware of it.  And, please understand, that I’m not trying to convince you or anyone else of anything.  Sometimes I worry that you might think I’m lecturing.  I’m not.  I’m truly not doing this for you, it’s for me.  If you like my blog, that’s nice.  If you see yourself in some of this, that’s neither good nor bad.  Not to be abrupt or rude here, but if you don’t like what I write then oh well, it’s just not your thing.  (So why are you still reading? ;)   Please don’t expect this to be a rah-rah blog where you see lots of cutesy photos, smiley icons or many inspirational quotes.  I will not be sharing various famous spiritual pop star advice.  My blog is more about the practices I’m trying after from coming out from under a heavy weight going way, way back to when I was a kid.  With much encouragement, I had awful beliefs about myself that I chose to continue believing even as an adult.  It took a lot to become free from all that.  In the meantime, I missed out on love, experiences, feelings, and relationships.  But, as a result of all the awareness and work, things are different now and I get to share all the simple and sometimes kooky yet wonderful things I’m doing to feel better and more secure.  I’m sharing how I hold my energy, where I place my thoughts, the kind of words I choose to use, and what behaviors I choose to have.  At first this work has been a little mind blowing.  Consciousness, learning about energy, and my own evolving spirituality has been a fascinating road.  I used to be someone who had to see to believe.  I had to hear things a certain way.  I had to have a certain kind of proof.  No more.  There is so much more.  And when I’m not stuck in my head being serious, analytical, and perfectionistic I’m really enjoying myself and all the amazing things I’m now experiencing first-hand.   I’m here in large part, I believe, to learn how to love myself and others unconditionally…among many other things I’m learning. 

A whole new world has opened up to me these past few years.  After all the heavy lifting I did a few years ago to get to this point, it’s now fun for me to practice all of the awesome things I’m learning.  I get to share here to whomever is listening and I become more and more clear as I share.  And that’s where I am with this blog.