Visualization, Positive Thoughts and Other Good Practices

Every day now I’m having a blast using my own self and higher energy.  I’m seeing new ways of being aware/conscious with really good results.  My challenge is around the process of obtaining a healthcare plan through my state’s healthcare exchange.  It’s been frustrating with possible dire consequences.  It appears that a simple error was made by a phone representative during a phone call when I signed up for the plan.  That little bitty error, a month and several phone calls later, could be the reason I might not end up even having a healthcare plan in 2016.  No one would retire early and leave Corporate healthcare plans if they thought this sort of thing would happen.  I was done.  After many days of phone calls, I spent the weekend letting go of frustration, anger and worry from the lack of resolution.  I decided to reach out to my state Senator for help, and there I was directed to the Governor’s office.  Before I set out I asked my higher self to channel higher energy through me so I would be more able to choose the high road that day.  Yup, I know that sounds airy fairy but what can I do, it works.  And I looked to mostly myself to have a more beneficial outcome.  Sure, the outcome is also dependent upon another person’s intervention, on my behalf, but I believe even that is a reflection of how I’m holding myself.  Not all that long ago I never would have believed in this and would have been too embarrassed, in front of even myself, to try it.  Not anymore, I’m experiencing amazing things coming out of weirdly wonderful practices.  So I’m planning on continuing.  That day, I started with imagining the best outcome as if it’s already happened.   Often I say simple affirmations to myself especially when things get frustrating or low.  Also, I remembered all those times I assisted someone, because that’s what I desired here, assistance.  I chose to feel and visualize a good outcome.  The awesome woman at the Governor’s office somehow connects with a wonderful person who successfully corrects the effective coverage date and I’m back on track.  I’m looking forward to seeing what outcome we create together.