The Gift of Music

I’ve been noticing for a while now that it’s just about every day that music helps me out.  I’ve been really working at turning around my attitude.  Music is a great way to shift me when I go all poopie and negative.  It brings me up, takes me on a mental vacation and best of all brings me messages.  I let it rip way loud while I’m dealing with the famous traffic in this part of the country.  Stops me from becoming too attached to someone else’s not so awesome driving behavior.  Sometimes I use it to paint and write by because it seems to put me in a daydreamy state where time kind of slows down for me.  And I really like that my intuition often speaks to me through music. When I recognize the song playing in my head I’m becoming pretty good at deciphering what it’s communicating to me. Sometimes it’s there to help me lighten my mood, to relax me or it’s offering me a message.  Whatever the reason, I’m grateful.  I love anything with a horn and elements of FUNK or old school R&B.  I included a photo of Maceo Parker signing an autograph for me.  Maceo used to play horn for James Brown and Ray Charles and went on to become one of the most famous horn players of all time.  If you haven’t heard “Pass the Peas” or “Shake Everything You’ve Got” you really ought to.

I hoped I’d meet him one day so I could tell him how much his music means to me.  He usually plays in Europe and I was wondering when he’d come back here and he finally did.  That's how things work for me now, I have a wish, and more often than not, it shows up in reality.  We saw two performances and the second one is when I asked for his autograph.   Good move. I gushed and was very uncool but I’m so glad I got to tell him how much I like his music.  He laughed when I told him he changed my life.  Yup, I said that, but was a moment.