My Work and Putting Myself Out There

I’m stalling.  I have so many ideas and yet I take no action because it involves me creating the opportunities and that’s unfamiliar territory.  My entire adult life, until a couple of years ago, I’ve had a Corporate career.   I followed all the rules for putting myself out there, according to the mainstream Corporate rules.  I was awesome at finding a company I thought I wanted to work in, and then getting the position.  And I always found a prominent company to work for that was close to my home with a short commute.  I had the whole dance down to a science.  Now I’m finding myself in non-mainstream, more quasi-non-mainstream.  Not crazy out there stuff just unusual ideas, with a lofty outcome…of which I’m convinced is possible.  I’m still finding out where my passion is.  There are buzz words not only in the Corporate Marketing world but also in the quasi-non-mainstream life.  “Transformation”, “shifting”, “evolving” are all words that are used way too much in my opinion…but until I come up with better ones…  I believe I’m shifting and creating my immediate world for the better, just by shifting my thoughts, words, habits and where I place my attention.  I’m also incredibly interested in energy.  I’m seeing my own energy shift as I make all of these other shifts.  I’m feeling more about what works and doesn’t work for me, becoming more intuitive, and my beliefs about the bigger picture are changing.  I’m always joined by something that’s assists me but I need to take some degree of action for there to be something to assist me with.  I’ve already begun.  By getting myself into a better place I effect change throughout mankind.  Crazy statement right?  Whatever.  It’s logical and true for me.  I believe each of us can change the world by changing the messages we’re putting out there, starting with how we put ourselves out there.  Where is my attention?  Is it fear or peace I’m consumed with?  Am I buoyed up or bringing myself down?  That counts towards what I create.  The news, movies, books, museum exhibits…everything and everyone counts in a big way.   I want to have an effect on evolving museums, the movie and television industry, the news, and mankind…placing our attention to how we exist everyday…  Now that is interesting to me.