I Messed Up

feeling sad.jpg

Usually I practice watching my thoughts, actions, words, and habits.  But yesterday, I shot first, and was thoughtful later.  For what I thought was a good reason, I wrote a couple of negative online reviews of the business.  Not a great choice on my part.  The owner of the company responded to me, and I learned, has only the best of intentions.  I don’t want to be the goddess of righteousness.  The issue I wrote about is for the owner to figure out how to address, not me.  Every day I’m still learning to pause first, really think and feel into what response would be most beneficial.  In this recent experience, I felt that my poor review wouldn’t help the solution, it only served fueling more negativity.  And I felt awful, physically.  The more I practice managing my thoughts, actions, words, and habits the more I’m picking up on physical feelings that go along with my thoughts, actions, words, and habits.  If I’m positive I feel warmth, or those good chills I get, or even love.  When I choose to go the other way, I feel a tightness and I feel low.  More and more I’m becoming aware of how I feel as I go about my day.  In this case, I felt like I did mess up so I’ve since removed my critical review and edited the one I couldn’t remove.  I feel better already, and I’d rather my thoughts count for something positive.