How to Maintain Joy and Positivity

Do not say no, it’s ok when a friend asks me if she can share the latest gossip.

Do not assume hearing negative subject matter about conflict and criticism won’t bother me.  It sure did.

Do not cultivate negativity.  Getting involved means I feel lower emotions just in listening.

Do not offer an opinion, or advice to help, because it doesn’t involve me.

Do not place my thoughts there for long.  Do something else before a funky mood settles in, which in this case, did.

Instead, next time…(and there’s sure to be more practice)…

Remember to answer yes, I’d rather not know what’s going on.  Thanks for asking.

Remember that my well-being comes first.

Remember that even listening about conflict is not beneficial.

Remember to talk about anything else but news and gossip.

Remember how energy works and how it affects me (and others).

Remember that I feel lighthearted and inspired because of my awesome habits.

Remember that I always have a choice.  It may seem I’m being polite and kind by listening and responding to poop.  But the kindest thing is to stay true to where I usually sit now…in a lighter space, where I’m inspired and lighthearted.