Being a "Good" Person

A while back someone and I were conversing about spirituality.   At some point I mentioned how I left my career, and he mentioned that he lives in a small place with few possessions.  It’s kinda amusing how that information creeps into a conversation about spirituality.  It feels like we’re going for the badge of honor thing.  What do either of those things have to do with spirituality anyway?  Well, I suppose leaving my career was a good example of following my heart to live more joyfully. And, he feels wonderful living more simply.  Point being, it’s different for everyone.  And our own definition and examples of feeling connected is as wide as the Grand Canyon.  Does only good behavior equate to spiritual?  What is supposed “good” “spiritual” behavior?  Who keeps track?  What’s the measurement stick?  To me, measurements, do and don’t lists, and judgments, feel like religion.  Long story short…back to the conversation, I don’t think it’s what, how much or how little anyone owns, or what it is we do for a living or not, or a million other things. The bigger picture for me, is more about who I am, in every moment.   For me, there only seems to be a lovely progression which sometimes can be very challenging and other times pure joy.  Whatever I do, whoever I think I am, even however I behave, it isn’t possible for me to botch anything.  Even in my best and worst moments and with all things, interests, beliefs and window dressing…my spiritual experiences meet me where I am.