Inspiration and Humanity

There should be a place where people can go to show themselves...their art, their passion, their stories. 

Let's allow ourselves the gift of letting others be exactly where they are.  Long way of saying, I'm getting ready to resurface my idea for the Museum of Inspiration and Humanity that I wrote about in a long ago blog post and spoke of in one of my Toastmaster's talks.  For now, I'm calling it Gallery of Inspiration and Humanity.  My inspiration was born out of my concern about the negative effect museums like the 9/11 museum have on people's emotions.  From that place I wondered why don't we build places of inspiration rather than foster fear and despair through a rehashing of tragedies. And this time, I won't worry about what any one organization is creating around their own idea of humanity or inspiration.  This is my passion, my version of inspiration, and I'm putting it out there.  The idea is to inspire each other from a place of generosity by allowing each other visibility.  By allowing everyone to be touched by whomever resonates with them.  You don't have to be a published author, an artist that is chosen to show work in juried art shows, or one of Inc. Magazine's 500 fastest growing companies.  You just have to be you and want to share your inspiration.  Love who you are and where you're at now and share that with others.  Inspiration is contagious.