Why I Love Painting and Writing

I was emailing someone about this yesterday…that I usually consider myself a very observant person.  I shared however, that after I finish a painting, I look back at the original subject matter (usually a photo I’m painting from), and notice something that I hadn’t initially observed.  I feel I miss something…either a shape, the light, colors, or an emotion.  Painting is showing me how much more there is for me to become aware of.  The same thing happens after I finish writing a piece.  I become aware of what I could edit to make it better.  “Better” can appear as an unrealistic quest for perfection.  “Better” can also mean I now have a different view, new approach, or another opinion.  Because I’m constantly morphing, I’m always seeing things with fresh eyes.  Wanting a redo, I tell myself, “I’ll just noodle with it some more”.  Since I Ieft the corporate world I’m happy to leave goal stating in the past (whoopie), and yet, here’s one worth following.  Lighten up!!  Isn’t the real goal for all of this, in part, to enjoy myself?  Whatever was created or happened a second ago, leave it alone.   Let go of rethinking how I phrase my thoughts, or rethinking what I create.  Gracefully move on because that’s what I’m doing anyway.  I’m always becoming more clear, finding a better method, allowing a more enjoyable way of being, discovering and seeing something differently than I did even a second ago…whether in art or life.