Museum of Inspiration and Humanity

For a while now I’ve been wanting to offer people a positive way of honoring humanity.  I thought about creating a Museum.  A museum unlike any other that I've been to.  It will not tell the stories of the world's greatest atrocities. Instead it will only exhibit stories of love.  While at this point I have no idea how to get started, I'll share a portion of a talk I delivered.

The Museum of Inspiration and Humanity will honor the human spirit and inspire us, as we learn of small and large, random and deliberate acts of generosity and kindness.

The museum will serve to educate and inspire us by telling stories of forgiveness, cooperation, compassion and love. We'll learn of extraordinary behavior across the world.  The exhibit will encourage feelings of hope and inspire us to take action to create positivity and change. We'll be reminded that we're all connected, and even the smallest action, is vitally important to the world.  Our positive thoughts and actions benefit all of mankind.

people touching each

As we experience the museum, we'll open our hearts and see possibilities for each other and the world.  We're all already humanitarians, in small and large ways, every day.  We'll know that we can be transformed, either by receiving or performing an act of love.  After we leave the exhibit our higher emotions may stay with us for quite some time.  It's in this state of living in our higher emotions, that we start to believe in possibilities, and realize we create possibilities.

We're all worthy, and each of us can perform incredible acts of love, and move mankind forward. We will honor ourselves, by not only setting an intention, but also by acting on our intention, thereby honoring the light within ourselves, and being a light for others.