No News Is Good News

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Keeping up with the news made me feel more intelligent because it was easier to uphold my end of a current event conversation. Then there was the camaraderie thing where we condemned and talked smack about anyone thought responsible for any particular newsworthy issue, feeling we were on a moral high ground.  My alarm woke me to NPR.  I’d listen for a couple of hours, from bathroom to dressing to commuting to the office.  I checked the news on my computer during lunch, and on TV while I ate dinner.  Sound like fun?  And afterwards I sometimes watched other TV shows that were also way down on the bummer scale.  It’s surprising I still had any sense of humor.

It was never my intention for me to kill my inspiration, optimism, and lightheartedness, numerous ways, every day.  I didn’t notice this habit had grown to something that was not in my best interest.  My heavy consumption of the news contributed to my feeling more and more down about everything.  At first I went without it for a couple of weeks, then for longer times.  Still, the longer I go without it the better I feel, right from the moment my alarm goes off.  When someone engages me about a current event, I usually don’t know what the heck they're talking about.  I explain that I don’t watch (listen or read) the news and hear either their understanding all the way to why they don't agree.  Some people can get pretty worked up about it.  Unwisely, I’ve allowed myself to get into discussions to explain more behind my decision.  Totally unnecessary and some of my reasons are pretty out there.  Unless someone asks, I'll not share all that.  Keeping it simple, I’m more centered, joyful, and hopeful which allows for more inspiration and ideas, in part, to no longer letting oodles of negativity into my day.  It’s working out great for me.