Lightening Up

spiritual in every

One recent morning I woke up feeling overwhelmed and extra thinky.  Before starting yoga I found myself going to Pandora and choosing the Average White Band station.  Once the beat of JJ Jackson’s “But It’s Alright” started I immediately felt better.  As Earth, Wind & Fire’s live version of “That’s the Way of the World” played I was giggling and feeling a nice connection.  I believe that yoga and many things labeled as “spiritual” are wonderful but often my doing them isn’t when I feel most connected.  It’s more the mind-set I’m in when going about my day.  Whether it’s singing in the car, painting, smiling at someone, taking a Zumba dance class or feeling a connection with a person I just met.  It’s always there.  And, it’s in the really stinko moments as well.  For me, spirituality is in every moment of every day and how I choose to be in those moments.