What It Took

Many people suffer from limiting beliefs at some point in their lives. It’s also very common to avoid looking at our own limiting beliefs, to consider how they began, or give ourselves the opportunity to learn how to release them.

I was one of those people. I’ve had a pretty fortunate life and much to be grateful for. However, there was a good amount of dark and confusing experiences that had nothing to do with me. But I didn’t know that. In order to fake my way into “rising above it”, I stuffed those dark and confusing experiences. I pushed onward.

It didn’t work. As the years ticked on I tried to check off as many of the boxes of life as I could tolerate.  When people feel good about themselves life doesn’t feel like a tired old script. For me, in order to make my life look like it was working rather well, I became pretty great at hammering my life into place.

How was that working out for me?  Not so hot.

As fortunate and as nice looking of a life that I'd forced together, I couldn't shake those self-beliefs.  Those deeply buried toxic beliefs came with me to my work, to each and every relationship.  Everywhere I went they tagged along. Everything felt flat.

When I reached my version of rock bottom that was when things started to get really interesting.  That’s also when assistance introduced itself to me. What a mind-blowing time that was. I followed every suggestion and embraced healthier thoughts, habits, self-beliefs, and a higher perspective. And I had to look at when and why many of those toxic beliefs showed up. As I took responsibility for the life experiences I was creating, everything within and without started to shift. Pretty incredible experiences continue to show up.

I’m so not doing this alone.  Reaching my wits end was the beginning of opening to divine guidance, and being open to various teachers and guides. I’m so grateful to those who have taken me under their wing to assist me.

There’s never a question to going back to how things used to be.  However, initially, there was a lot of shyly peeking around the corner at my intuitive guidance.  These days our relationship and partnership is evolving as I co-create my beautiful life with higher energy.

My journey is fascinating, often humorous, sometimes challenging as something else shows up for me to look at. I'm so grateful and wouldn't change a thing, even the challenging and less than happy times. What was a little bit mind-blowing is now becoming the new normal. 


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