I understand what it's like to feel as though something's missing, to be underwhelmed by life, to not see one's value, to miss a larger view. 

In my case, I tried to follow along, checking off as many of the "boxes of life" as I could tolerate.  In order to make my life look like it was working rather well, and to just feel a little bit better, I made a good effort to force my life perfectly into place.

As fortunate and as nice of a life that I'd created for myself, I couldn't shake that crummy feeling I had.  Though I didn't know it at the time, it was a core belief that I wasn't enough.  It originated from long-ago circumstances, and I'd allowed it to define me, and it informed how I felt about others, even all of humanity.  Those fake beliefs came with me to my work, to each and every relationship.  Everywhere I went they tagged along.

My hitting rock bottom wasn't a dramatic situation.  It's just that I finally got fed up of feeling the way I did.  That was when my life started to get really most interesting.  As I considered a wider and higher view my self-beliefs, ideas, thoughts, habits, my old patterns and perspective improved.  Over the next few years life had became much more enjoyable, and many beautiful and pretty incredible experiences were coming my way.

SaraD color s.jpg

I learned from, and am so grateful for, many different kinds of teachers in my life.  Reaching my wits end was the beginning of opening to assistance, and being open to various teachers and guides, those in spirit form, and those in human form.  My various teachers come and go, while new ones arrive, but I will never forget those who took me under their wing and offered me so much assistance.

When I opened to learning about divine assistance, from within, I never questioned it because it made perfect sense to me.  However, initially, there was a lot of shyly peeking around the corner at it.  Today, I consciously partner in my own way, trusting and knowing that our lovely relationship is evolving, while I'm learning to lighten up and live more joyfully.

And, regarding my spirituality?  Bite me.  I get to form my own beliefs, thoughts and ideas out of my own unique experiences.  I'm a big believer that everyone is unique and their spiritual experiences should be as unique as they are.  And, so I continue to grow from the deeper spiritual experiences I came here for. 

Each of us has a role to step into, to stretch oneself, acknowledge our purposeful gifts, to embody our passion and run with it, if we so choose.  I choose.  I'm now assisting others, by teaching how anyone can change their patterns, create their own unique experiences, walk their own path, to shift their lives in amazing ways. 

My experiences and this journey, is fascinating, often humorous, challenging, what was a little bit mind-blowing is now becoming the new normal.  I'm so grateful and wouldn't change a thing, even the less than happy times. 

All our experiences are teaching us what we need to learn.