We all want to feel good, have purposeful work, and great relationships, and we want the best for our world. 

As a speaker, I empower each of us to shift our gaze from somewhere out there...back to ourselves. The time is now to open to a wider perspective, for us to shift, and create what we desire for ourselves and our world.


My life used to feel like a series of monotonous check boxes. 

I finally became fed-up with merely checking off the boxes of life, feeling discouraged about the world, and tired of embodying long-standing limiting thoughts about myself and others...and that's when things started to get very interesting for me. 

We're already that which we are seeking in our political figures, gurus, celebs, and icons.  I was also looking to others or to some thing outside of myself.  Back then my thoughts spanned from my world view of when is someone going to fix all this?...to the bigger picture feeling very underwhelmed...you've got to be kidding me, this is all there is?...and frustration with the even wider view of...who's in charge here?   Those feelings were good news for me because through a series of experiences, over time, I opened to a different perspective as I release my own limiting thoughts and habits.  After learning about intuitive guidance and then peeking around the corner at mine for a long while, I began to consciously and gratefully partner with it, looking within and learning from within myself.  Over time, I was shown how to make a series of incremental changes, and those changes are still contributing greatly to my life. 

All those classes and workshops on this or that topic were all very interesting but the BIG learning is me learning from myself, from my own experiences.  It's almost as if my study of all things spiritual was slowing me down.  Everything started to shift when I allowed for the bigger learning, from myself.  To have the life we think we want, we have to do the work.  The work of taking on new habits and thoughts to replace the ones that keep us stuck.  But in my opinion, humanity as beautiful as it is, has an addiction to negativity and a strong resistance to taking responsibility and looking at oneself.  And yet we all want to feel good, enjoy purposeful work, and great relationships.  In order to have that, and much more, we only need to be mindful, bring our selves to the table, and make simple incremental changes over time.  It takes focus, but it's pretty simple, costs nothing, and the results are always better than hoped for.

The way I see it, we're all in this together.  As we shift, the world shifts, and that's pretty important to me.