Sara Doolittle

Consider Sara Doolittle as a speaker or to lead a workshop.  Please scroll below for more details from Sara.


We're all on our own unique paths and there's no right or wrong way to grow and evolve. In part, our choices inform our experiences.  As a speaker I encourage those interested to consider their choices, and open to an empowering and inspiring perspective to live with more aliveness, joy and a deeper experience with oneself and all that is. 

We can breathe more life into our lives by shifting our gaze to within, and experience what's best for us.


Inspiring us to consider a new way of looking at how life experiences are created, I offer experiential workshops.  My work offers a different perspective on how to take action around one's intention to create more connected relationships, inner peace, harmony, and joy.

Experiences are shared as examples of possibilities.  Group participation is encouraged.


The Gallery for Inspiration™ is currently being developed as a separate website and forum.  It's a place where people can show their humanity.

To share their hearts, their ideas, and their love by sharing what they're creating such as art, ideas, and advocating for causes.

This forum will illustrate the enormous possibilities when we act on our dreams and will inspire others to act on their dreams.


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My passion is knowing that as we open, grow, and expand our own awareness, the world shifts.

I inspire those interested to consider opening to a greater perspective of who we are, why we're here, and how to look within for change.  My belief is if our heartfelt desire is to create a better life and a better world, it requires us to look at how we ourselves are being.  I'm committed to bringing awareness about the impact of our patterns and choices, and a refreshing and lighthearted perspective on spiritual growth, so that we can allow for more love, joy, collaboration, and peace in our lives.

As a speaker, and when leading workshops, I take the false "loftiness" out of possibly intimidating concepts such as; enlightenment, higher consciousness, transformation, spiritual growth, and spirituality.  My grounded style brings it down to earth from the seemingly "unobtainableness" of it all, to showing everyone they're already living it.  And I keep the popular spiritual-speak buzz-words to a minimum, because, well, many have heard them enough already including me.

After attending many bright and shiny spiritual growth and transformation workshops myself, I personally experienced that as the dazzle faded, my questions and challenges remained.  I had to learn that it's not so much what I read or heard, but what's uniquely true for me, based on my feelings and experiences.  At some point I was ready to look at myself, uncover what was going on there, learn, realize more clarity, and grow from me learning from me, within.

I offer my evolving story, my process, and share the steps I took to inspire others to discover what might work best for them in their own unique life.  Whatever I share is easy to understand, often using real-life experiences as examples.

We're all connected.  In the spirit of appreciating our mutual humanity, we can benefit from openly sharing with each other, and learning from our similar and vastly different experiences.