Consider Sara Doolittle as a speaker or to lead a workshop for your group. 

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We're all on our own unique paths and there's no precise or perfect way to grow and evolve. In part, our choices inform our experiences.  As a speaker, I encourage those interested to consider their choices, and open to an empowering, simple, and inspiring perspective to live with more aliveness, joy and open to a deeper spiritual experience with oneself and all that is. 

We can breathe more life into our lives, and create more light, by shifting our gaze to within.


Inspiring us to consider a new way of looking at how life experiences are created, I offer experiential workshops.  For some, my work offers a different perspective on how to take action around one's intention to create inner peace, harmony, and joy.

Experiences are shared as examples of possibilities and the participants have an opportunity to experience for themselves.  Group participation is encouraged.


The Gallery for Inspiration™ is currently being developed as a separate website and forum.  It's a place where people can show their humanity.

To share their hearts, their ideas, and their love by sharing what they're creating such as art, ideas, and advocating for causes.

This forum will illustrate the enormous possibilities when we act on our dreams and will inspire others to act on their dreams.


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My passion is knowing that as we open, grow, and expand our own awareness, the world shifts for the better as well.  I love connecting and collaborating with others as we evolve in our learning around how to create more peace, love, and joy for ourselves and our world.

Why am I pursuing this path?  I had a good career, there were many fun and joyful times in my life, I enjoyed the outdoors, nature, and art.  However, for most of my life really, I was just putting in my time checking off the scripted check boxes of life.  My long-standing feelings about myself were limiting, and those self-beliefs added to my feelings of worthlessness.  Back then, I didn't realize I was responsible for creating my experiences, my reality of life.  Those core self-beliefs affected my work, relationships, how I perceived others, and the world. 

Through a series of events that I'm very grateful for, I was led to consider new habits, thoughts, and ideas, and eventually to looking at where my limiting feelings may have started from.  Through the act of looking and gaining clarity, I became aware of the power of making better choices in more and more moments. 

Each of us is incredibly powerful, the imperfectly perfect us.  We can create a different experience within our hearts and minds, and experience our lives and the world with more joy, love, and inspiration. 

My belief is, if our heartfelt desire is to create a better life and a better world, it requires us to look at how we ourselves are being.  I share my real-life experiences both the good and the less good on what it took for me to experience life the way I do now.  I inspire those interested to consider who we are, why we're here, how to look within for change, and open to how to create our highest vision for ourselves and our world. 

In our own time, at a pace that works for us, we can take incremental steps to make deep and lasting positive changes in our lives.  To learn what's true for us, based on our own personal feelings and experiences, and to grow and learn from that place.  So that we can take action on our dreams and to share our best selves through our ideas, relationships, art, and work.

One of the ways for us to create our vision is to shift our gaze from negativity, and what we perceive as hopeless, and instead focus on, and nurture, the best part of ourselves.  The parts that bring us love, joy, peace, fun, and lightheartedness.  And it's those parts of ourselves that contribute to humanity.  As we open, grow, and expand our own awareness, the world shifts for the better as well.  We are that important and connected to all that is. 

Enlightenment, higher consciousness, personal transformation, and spiritual growth, are not lofty concepts reserved for the few, but instead what we're all already in the midst of experiencing. There's perfection in every experience, including our struggles, and there's a simplicity to our spiritual journey. 

In the spirit of appreciating and learning, practicing and growing, we can benefit from openly sharing with each other, and honoring, our similar and vastly different experiences.

We can create our heartfelt vision.